Trip Report: Day Hike - Dromedary and Sunrise Peaks (Full)

Day Hike - Dromedary and Sunrise Peaks (Full)
By Frank Bouchard
HIKE 08/28/2022 EXT

Sunrise and Dromedary peaks are no joke. They tower above Broads Fork basin. Reaching the saddle with Twins peaks requires a steep uphill hike across wobbly boulders and loose scree. Then some ridge walking and exposed class IV scrambling takes you to the summits. It's certainly one of the more intense and technical days in the Wasatch.

We set out with a group of eight and powered our way up the trail at top speeds. By the time we reached the rougher terrain, some of the group decided they wanted to take a slower pace. My wonderful wife Kerry volunteered to lead their group up to the saddle and maybe beyond. The rest of us pushed on.

We got to the saddle and donned helmets for the crux of the trip. Climbing along the ridgeline, we got to the top of Sunrise (also called O'Sullivan). Then we descended to the saddle towards Dromedary. There, I received a call from Kerry who had come across a lone hiker on the other saddle that had fallen on some rocks and dislocated his shoulder. He was in intense pain and having an extremely difficult time moving. Kerry's group began helping him down the scree. I had material in my pack to make a hand line that would be helpful on some of the downclimbs. Brad, who had expert knowledge of the rest of the route, took over the group for the last part of the hike while I descended the east saddle and traversed over to the others. The hiker slowly and carefully made his way down the treacherous terrain without the use of his right arm. We finally reached the parking lot at 7 PM and drove our very grateful patient to the ER.

The other four members of the group successfully summited Dromedary peak and descended into the neighboring Lake Blanche basin and then hiked back to the parking lot. The next morning our injured hiker texted to let us know they were able to reset his shoulder and he was feeling much better. The day was a challenge for all, but we managed to push some club members to the next level of hiking while also helping out a fellow hiker.

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