Trip Report: Attempt to bike to Fremont Island

Attempt to bike to Fremont Island
By Frank Bouchard
BIKE 12/31/2022 MSD

Biking to Fremont Island is one of my all-time favorite rides, so I was excited to put it on the calendar this year. What little interest there was from club members completely disappeared when the weather forecasted strong winds and cold rain. I still gave it a go.

Below-freezing temperatures are critical for this ride or else you'll be slogging through knee-deep mud. So when it was 45 on arrival, I didn't have high hopes. Nonetheless, I set off into Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area towards Fremont. One mile later my suspicions were confirmed. Biking was out of the question and it was even too sloppy to walk.

A hunter witnessing my plight told me about a nearby ten mile loop on gravel roads to do instead. That probably would have been more pleasant had I not already unnecessarily caked my bike in mud. I rode the loop anyways, my drivetrain emitting crunching/grinding sounds the whole way.

I still want to get out to Fremont this year, so I'll be watching the temperatures through January and February. If I do decide to go, I'll throw it up on the WMC calendar. But it might be very last minute so if you are interested please contact me so I can let you know directly of any plans. With the right conditions, I promise its an incredible trip.

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