Trip Report: Day Hike - Bell Canyon with MOD and NTD Options

Day Hike - Bell Canyon with MOD and NTD Options
By Paula McFarland
HIKE 06/09/2022 MOD

The group met at the Granite TH for a beautiful morning hike. Our start was briefly delayed because the new parking lot off of Wasatch Blvd. had been opened since the hike was posted on the calendar, causing a bit of confusion about the start location. Once the group was assembled, we headed up towards the falls. The group included Steve Duncan, Jim Kucera, Greg Lott, Michelle Stancer, Christine Pilgrim, Chris Hartnett, and the organizer, Paula McFarland. It was a nice sunny morning with great hiking temps. We ran into a few groups along the way, but mostly had the trail to ourselves on the way up. We made good time up to the bridge (NTD turnaround spot), so the entire group kept going up to the lower falls. At this point, Greg and Christine turned around and the rest of the group continued on to the upper falls. We rested at the falls and enjoyed a snack and some picture-taking before heading back to our cars.

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