Trip Report: Hike Big Grandeur Loop

Hike Big Grandeur Loop
By Hiram Miller
HIKE 03/12/2022 MSD

Grandeur Peak can be done the MOD way (up Churchfork), the MSD way (up the west face), or the long way that connects them both. On a chilly Saturday morning in March, the six of us headed up the west approach to Grandeur Peak from Wasatch Boulevard. The foothills were covered in deep snow from a recent snow storm, but the trail was well trodden and easy to navigate. As we climbed the trail, things began to warm up, but we still had solid snowpack as we approached the summit under a clear, sunny sky. It was a beautiful day, and at the summit we had a snack, talked to other summiters about how cool the WMC is, while enjoying clear views of the city and snow covered mountains. We descended the summit via the Church Fork trail, losing snow and gaining mud as we lost elevation. The group paused for lunch at the intersection with the Pipeline trail, contemplating what layers and foot traction would be best for the south-facing Pipeline trail. Afternoon trail conditions were more slippery and muddy in spots. By the time the group finally linked up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail back to the Grandeur Peak trailhead, everyone was warm, wet, muddy, and ready to call it a day! Then, as we neared the base of the main Grandeur ridge, we were treated with a group of howling coyotes that were up on the north ridge, not far from the trail. They seemed to be responding to the emergency sirens passing nearby, and quickly quieted down after the sirens had passed. It was beautiful day, and a excellent long hike, logging about 12 miles in 7 hours.

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