Trip Report: Snowshoe to Greens Basin, NTD, two miles out and back, 900

Snowshoe to Greens Basin, NTD, two miles out and back, 900
By Teri Jenkins
SNOWSHOE 11/25/2022 NTD

What a lovely day it was the Friday morning after Thanksgiving when 10 intrepid snow hikers met at nine am to hike up to Greens Basin from Days Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Half of us used snowshoes and half of us used spikes on our boots. We marveled at the amount of snow for late November, and except for that first steep mile, we had an easy hike to Greens Basin. Members of the club had been up this trail in previous days to clear out logs and branches that had fallen over the trail, so our climb was largely unimpeded. Greens Basin was lovely as ever and the snow crystals were glistening in the sun-dappled light. At the basin, the snowshoers led the way up to pack the trail down for the rest of us as we trudged up the hill to find our sunny lunch spot. We spread out a tarp, and shared all kinds of food, hot tea and wine. Laughter, good food, chocolates and great company made for a very pleasant lunch in the high mountains. We are indeed lucky to live here. Two club members, Kyle and Tony, fell back from the rest of us on the way down, to cut away more logs and debris from the trail. Now that's dedication. May this traditional day-after-Thanksgiving snow hike continue year after year!