Trip Report: Day Hike to Gobblers Knob - Alexander Basin Loop

Day Hike to Gobblers Knob - Alexander Basin Loop
By Elisa Schvaneveldt
HIKE 08/12/2023 MOD+

Beautiful Saturday hike in Millcreek Canyon. Seven club members and one dog in total - Elisa Schvaneveldt, Andy Payne, Katrina Black (Bentley), Stanley Chiang, Jim Kucera, Kurt Hiland and Daniel Bueno. We met at 6:45 am just outside the canyon. Two club members, Kurt and Daniel, got a flat tire on the way to the meeting point. The rest of the group started hiking around 7:15 am. We took our time on the way up and ran into two large bull moose directly on the trail. Two women not with the club said one moose had just charged a dog a few minutes earlier. We hiked up and around the moose to avoid upsetting them. One of the women was hiking ahead and hit a hornets nest on a bush with her hiking pole. She was stung several times and returned with her friend back down the trail. She seemed okay, no major inflammation that we could see.

The group waited for 5-10 minutes after passing the bull moose and let the two club members who got the flat tire catch up. They were able to put on a spare and start hiking one hour after us - around 8:20. The two women returning had warned them of the moose and they were also able to safely avoid them.

We were happy to see Kurt and Daniel and continued up to Gobblers Knob. Very steep and loose dirt. Long lunch on the summit, then we continued along the ridge to Bakers Pass where we turned back down Bowman Fork Trail and followed the Alexander loop back to the parking lot. We were glad we started early. It was getting hot as the day went on. This was Elisa's first organized hike and she was thrilled to have everyone along and hopes to plan more hikes in the near future.

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