Trip Report: Bells Canyon Winter Hike

Bells Canyon Winter Hike
By Paula McFarland
HIKE 12/30/2023 NTD

We had a great turnout and a fun time on our December 30th Bells Canyon NTD hike. The group met at the Preservation Trailhead. Joining the hike were club members (in alphabetical order) Susan Allen, Shane Andrus, Heidi DeMartis, Greg Lott, Paula McFarland (organizer), Bob Myers, Russell Patterson, John Peterson, Yi Qu, and Ellen Sherk. We were also joined by guests Lily and Susan’s sister Beth. It was a great day and we hiked at a conversational pace. The trail was in good condition, with mixed dirt and some patches of ice. Poles and micro spikes were helpful. Susan had recently seen mountain goats in the area, so we looked for them along the way, but didn’t spot any. We were entertained by several decorated trees along the way. At about the 2-mile mark, the group split up, with Shane, Heidi, Greg, Russell, John, and Ellen continuing to the lower falls and the rest turning around to head back to the cars. Those making it to the lower falls were treated to a beautiful frozen waterfall, proving yet again that Bells Canyon is a wonderful hike at any time of the year.

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