Trip Report: Thursday night Grizzly Gulch tours

Thursday night Grizzly Gulch tours
By Mike Ondeck
SKI 02/16/2023 NTD+

Grizzly gulch after work ski tours from 2/16/23 to 3/16/23 led by
Mike Ondeck. The after work trips were a great success. Some time 10 showed other times 1. I started running these tours in 2022 to teach beginners and create and outlet for member and new members to meet and ski together. Powder turns were to be had and even some education if needed. After ski beers were always provided at the world famous Peruvian.
Participants - Dan Pressley, Chris Koch, Lisa Crawford Brian King, Mark Maier, Josh Middleton, Beth Blattenberger, Kevin Huang, Charles Rogers, Bryan King, Mark Gardener, Josh Childs, Emily Hadley

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