Trip Report: Split Mountain Daily

Split Mountain Daily
By Kay Tran
BOATING 07/28/2023 Class III

Split Mountain Daily, Dinosaur National Monument August 28 – 30, 2023
14 adventurers traveled to Dinosaur National Monument and the Split Mountain Daily section of the Green River. Chris Rowins, Eileen Gidley, Paul Clauser, Tyler Hurst, Rob Burr, Christine Pilgrim, Baron Fidler, Aubrey Isaacs, Denali Isaacs, Greg Clark, Arnie and Kay Tran, Martin Boemer, and Quentin Reynolds
2.7 – 3.2 gage height, feet. 3 rafts and 3 kayaks.
We obtained this permit from Amy Brunvand who kindly contacted WMC when she had a scheduling conflict with the permit dates. Thank you Amy. We were at campsite C with plenty of space and some shade. The cold water faucet kept us cool while in camp. We used River Runners Transport for our shuttle. Terrific operation and shop.
We had 4 new members. Greg Clark loaned his kayak to Denali and Aubrey for their debut river float.
Martin Boemer was our lead boat although Quentin was the skipper on his grandfather’s oar raft. Rob Burr was our sweep boat with swift water rescue and emergency medical training. We actually had so much talent on this trip with swift water rescue and fortunately they did not get to practice their skills.
The exhibit gallery was fantastic while others stayed on the river for more fun on Sunday.