Trip Report: Stansbury Island Ridgeline Hike

Stansbury Island Ridgeline Hike
By Frank Bouchard
HIKE 03/18/2023 MOD

After a long snowy winter, standing on dirt can feel delightful. Trails in the Wasatch will not likely get to that point for some time, but a short drive west of town is Stansbury Island. On arrival we were excited to see practically no snow in the peaks. We made our way up to the ridge and followed it north. This is a popular shooting area - bright colored clothing would be smart. Of course in typical hiker fashion we were sporting nothing but earth tones. But as long as you are mindful of them, shooters can safely be avoided. We ate lunch on a small bump and then turned back, bagging an unnamed rocky peak along the way. Our descent included a treacherous and steep icy slope followed by a gully full of tumbleweeds. By the time we looped back to the cars we had covered 6 miles.