Trip Report: Mountain Bike - Fremont Island

Mountain Bike - Fremont Island
By Frank Bouchard
BIKE 03/03/2023 MOD-

Having been thwarted by sloppy conditions twice this year, I once again posted a 'bike to Fremont Island' trip, insisting that this was going to be the day. Kurt excitedly signed up. We met up early morning and made the drive to the Antelope Island causeway where you can usually find a land bridge crossing the lake to our goal, only to find that it was completely submerged under water. Apparently Fremont wasn't in the cards this year. But I have a feeling there will be much drier years ahead.

We were eager to hop on our bikes and explore something. So we drove down to the Garr Ranch parking lot and biked the South Island trail. This is essentially a dirt road that follows the east coast down to the southern tip of the island. It was a cold morning. The road was very bumpy with small sections of mud. In total we covered 12.5 miles. It was a decent alternative and we had a good time.

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