Trip Report: Alpine Ski Tour - Uintas - Ceder Hollow Knoll - February 10th

Alpine Ski Tour - Uintas - Ceder Hollow Knoll - February 10th
By Randall Mawhinnie
SKI 02/10/2024 NTD

Uintas Backcountry Ski Trip Summary with Wasatch Mountain Club
Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024

On Saturday morning, six members of the Wasatch Mountain Club — Randall, Chad, Bryan, Dustin, Nubar, and Luc — gathered for an adventure in the Uintas. Starting just down the road from the Yellow Pine Trailhead, we ventured into Cedar Hollow Knoll, an excellent low-angle slope travel area, great for practicing backcountry touring skills in a lower consequence area. We traveled roughly three and a half miles across the lower Uintas' undulating terrain under the vast expanse of a clear bluebird sky. The air was crisp, with temperatures hovering just below zero.

We embarked on our tour just before 10:OO AM. There were roughly 12 inches of fresh snow. We went through 2 laps on the terrain, giving us a total of 3.57 miles and approximately 1200 elevation gain, navigating from 7,126 to 7,792 feet above sea level.

This tour's primary objectives were terrain navigation, on-the-fly observation, and avalanche beacon checks, proving that safety and enjoyment should go hand in hand. Contrary to our initial plans, we decided against building a snowpit, concluding it unnecessary given the gentle nature of the slopes. Instead, we focused on the movement and the moment, completing two laps of pure alpine pleasure.

As we concluded the tour after approximately 2.5 hours, we reflected on our tour. During the debriefing, we discussed how things went. In general, we all had a great time. We reviewed any challenges anyone had and identified what we did well.

In the end, the tracks we left behind were not merely impressions in the snow; they were the imprints of a day well spent, a reminder that the mountains are not just to be conquered but to be enjoyed, respected, and learned from.

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