Trip Report: Canoeing 101

Canoeing 101
By Marilyn Smith
BOATING 04/14/2007 Class I

Canoeing 101

Different strokes-that's what Gene Dennis tried to impress upon the beginning Canoe Class May 12th and 14th. Twenty people came to the classroom session to learn the way of the paddle from Gene with half that number braving the wilds of Bountiful Pond to glide smoothly through the waters.

It was a comfortably warm day. Newbies learned to control their canoes and those who had canoed for years were able to improve their technique. We very much appreciate Gene giving of his time to share skills that will make the canoe program a success.

Under the direction of Margie Gendler, the canoe group will be paddling after work twice a month. If you're interested in participating be sure to go on line to, login (If you don't remember your login name or password contact Membership Director click on Preferences and indicate you want to be included on the boating list. You may also contact Bret Mathews at for inclusion in the boating emails.