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Daisy DeMarco
Daisy DeMarco
Liz Cordova
Liz Cordova
Evening Hike Coordinator
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams
Trail Maintenance Coordinator

Welcome to the Wasatch Mountain Club Hiking page. Hiking is one of the WMC's most popular activities. Join us for fabulous hikes up to mountain tops, alpine lakes or forest loops. Or come with us on a backpack or car camping trip. Hikes are organized at different levels of difficulty and cover different distances so everyone can find the right level of enjoyment. Hike organizers are all WMC members and volunteers. Please give them your support and appreciation. Follow the links on this page to learn more about hiking with the WMC.

See you on the trail - Daisy and Liz

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Upcoming activities:

 2021-08-02 Very Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike - Lupine Trail Loop NTD-
 2021-08-03 Day Hike To B25 Bomber On Mt. Timpanogos MOD+
 2021-08-03 Evening Hike - Pole Line Pass NTD+
 2021-08-04 Day Hike: Greens Basin NTD
3 days2021-08-05 Backpack To Red Castle Lake And Wilson Pk In Uintas MOD+
 2021-08-07 Relaxed Pace Hogum Divide Hike MSD-
 2021-08-07 Day Hike Pioneer, Sunset & Kathern Pass MOD+
 2021-08-09 Very Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike - New Upper Telegraph Trail NTD-
 2021-08-10 Evening Hike - Twin Lakes Pass NTD+
4 days2021-08-12 Cedar Breaks National Monument Car Camp MOD
 2021-08-12 Evening Hike - Big Cottonwood Canyon Towards Cardiff NTD+
 2021-08-14 Day Hike To Gobbler & Raymond By Alexander Trail MSD
 2021-08-15 Day Hike - East Lofty Peak & Lakes In The Uintas MOD+
 2021-08-15 Red White, Red White Day Hike MSD
 2021-08-16 Very Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike - Ghost Falls From Peak View NTD-
 2021-08-17 Evening Hike - Albion Base Trailhead NTD+
4 days2021-08-19 Grand Teton National Park Car Camp NTD+
 2021-08-19 Evening Hike - Days Fork NTD+
 2021-08-21 Day Hike - Dromedary East Peak (& Maybe Blanch Peak) Via Lake Blanch MSD-
 2021-08-21 Day Hike To Maybird Lake MOD-
 2021-08-22 Day Hike - Miller Hill Via American Fork MOD+
 2021-08-22 Hike Mount Raymond Via Bowman Fork MSD-
 2021-08-22 Day Hike- Uintas (mod) MOD
 2021-08-23 Very Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike - Hoof N Boot NTD-
 2021-08-28 Day Hike - Spread Eagle Peak Via Naturalist Basin In The Uintas MSD-
 2021-08-28 Pre Lodge Party Brighton Ridge Hike MOD+
 2021-08-28 Hiking Trail Maintenance Butler Fork Trail Work. Early Start! NTD
 2021-08-28 Day Hike To The Phifferhorn Vis Red Pine Lakes MSD
 2021-08-30 Very Relaxed Pace Draper Evening Hike - Traverse Ridge NTD-
3 days2021-09-04 North Wind River Range Car Camp MSD-
 2021-09-04 Day Hike - Black Bess Peak Via Brighton MOD+
 2021-09-05 Day Hike - Mahogany Ridge MSD-
 2021-09-11 Hiking Trail Maintenance To Be Determined NTD
 2021-09-11 Hike - Ibapah Peak MSD
 2021-09-12 Hike - Volcano Peak In Wendover MOD+
 2021-09-18 Hike - Freedom Peak & South Cascade Mt In Provo MSD
7 days2021-09-24 Yellowstone Backpack MOD-
 2021-09-25 Hike - Lone Peak North Peak MSD-
 2021-10-05 Fall Foliage Day Hike To Primrose Over Look MOD
 2021-10-12 Day Hike - Grand Canyon South Rim To North Rim MSD