Trip Report: Havasupai

By Bob Grant
HIKE 05/04/2007 MOD

Seeing as how over half of the club members on this backpack opted to take the helicopter out of the canyon, and only the trip organizers and the non-club member hiked out, perhaps Havasupai Canyon should be de-listed from its status as an appropriate destination for a WMC event. ;-)

Boy, this place has changed in the past 19 years since I've last visited! It is no longer America's best kept secret. The secret is out. What I had remembered for its wilderness park atmosphere now embraces an amusement park atmosphere. I'd venture to say that on Saturday we shared it with 100 times more people than were there on my last visit. Luckily, it thinned out on Sunday and Monday.

But I think we all had an enjoyable time, and the canyon's beauty is just as stunning as ever. But if you plan to go here, avoid the weekends and don't go just after colleges release their students from Spring Semester.

Truly, this place still warrants a yearly trip.

Participants: Barbara Green; Carol Anderson; Chuck James; Bruce (Agent), non-member; Marilyn Smith; Bob Grant, organizer