Trip Report: Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon
By Dudley McIlhenny
HIKE 09/11/2007 NTD

8 showed up for trip. to get going before light left us we crossed the road and went up the LCC trail. began hiking at 6:20. chose a turnaround time of 7:30. this is FAR too late for this time of year. by 8 we needed flashlights. we got back about 8:30 and it was dead dark. suggest turnaround of 7 and certainly no later than 7:10 for september. i met with the owner of the power plant (1 meg) and he is offering tours at two pm on the last tues of alternate months. worthwhile to know more about all the diversions on the creek, who owns what and how it all gets used.