Trip Report: Grand Canyon North Rim 6 Days

Grand Canyon North Rim 6 Days
By Aaron Jones
HIKE 09/22/2009 ALL

Grand Canyon-North Rim
By Aaron Jones

This time would be different. After several backpacking trips, in the springtime, starting at the South Rim I vowed that this year would be different. It was to be carcamping, on the North Rim, in the autumn. It was a choice with no regrets whatsoever.
There were eight of us altogether, a gang of four from Park City, and four more from Salt Lake. After a dash down from Salt Lake with mandatory stops for Mexican food at Nedra's in Kanab and milkshakes at the Jacob's Lake Lodge we met up at the North Rim campground. Not wanting to miss a chance for a good hike it was onwards to the lodge area and off to Bright Angel Point. The next day we were immersed in the luscious forest and canyon convergence that is the Widforss Trail, a name that unfailingly registers with me as the wild forest trail, although it was actually named after an artist who painted the canyons beauty. The following day we hiked the North Kaibab trail down to Roaring Springs. My experience on the South Rim has always been one of instant joy at the sight of the first conifer when hiking up to the rim. But, when hiking back up to the North Rim it became quickly apparent that the rims higher elevation guaranteed that similar foliage would be seen sooner and for much longer on this side of the canyon.
Day three in the park had us jetting from one short hike to another taking in vista after vista, an ancient Native American site, and the gorgeous Cliff Spring area adorned with water and ferns unlike anything else we had seen. Our adventures were recorded for posterity through Carol's photographic skills and our geologic knowledge was expanded by Fred's skilled tutorship. Evenings were the signal for happy hour festivities, daily remembrances, and plans for the morrow. Friday night was the occasion for a smashing repast at the Grand Canyon Lodge.
Saturday morning some of the group went on to visit other exemplary examples of nature's craftwork including Bryce Canyon, Kodachrome Basin, and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. As for myself, I had to savor one more hike and one more morning of brilliant vistas before I left this exquisite redrock wonderland.
Participants included Carol and Wayne Flippin, Cicely Zhu, Richard Passoth, Keith Johnson, Dale Gilson, Fred Rubinfeld whose knowledge and understanding of geology was deeply appreciated, and your own rambling scrivener Aaron.

Grand Canyon Experience
With Grandeur expanses
Geology talks along the way
Stupendous views around each corner
Days of beautiful memories
Hiking buddies galore.
Grand Canyon Experience!

Dale Gilson

Deer, Kaibab squirrels
Fall,golden aspens, bronze ferns
Vermilion dreamscape

Aaron Jones

Six Terrific Days at the Grand Canyon
By Keith Johnson

Sometime between the day the ancestors of the Hopi vacated the Grand Canyon and heli-tours arrived, the landscape was altered just a bit. The first people brought farming to the area. Why did our generation introduce pollution that obstructs the Canyon's once clear vistas? I walked the Widforss trail, photographing the majestic rock formations, but haze made it tough to get a sharp image even with, you guessed it, a UV haze lens. The distant San Francisco Mountains appeared only as lavender silhouettes. Had I focused a camera on those mountains when my folks bought me to the North Rim when I was six, I would have been able to see stands of green pine that are still there today. Haze be damned! We were all lucky to be in this marvelous place and with fun people. Hikes to amazing panoramas included Cape Royal with a view of the Colorado through "Angel's Window," and, my favorite, Point Imperial. There, time and the river have created palaces and minarets and whatever else one can imagine.Just down from the point, aspens had turned a dazzling gold in the sunset light. Here's to the "silver ghost" and a strawberry shake at Jacob's Lake Inn.