Trip Report: Afternoon Goat Hike - Millcreek Canyon

Afternoon Goat Hike - Millcreek Canyon
By Robert Jones
HIKE 01/10/2010 NTD

It was a clear day above the Salt Lake haze and there was no wind to speak of. We had eight at the gate and were joined by 2 others along the way. With four goats and three dogs we had a total of 17 heartbeats. Several were snowshoeing and several were cross country skiing. We made it a bit past the big curve at the Mt Aire trail head before turning around at five. It was a relatively warm day, only taking a chill as we rounded the big curve and headed into the shadows.

We took an easy pace so we could chat along the way. There were not so many dogs as last week, so the goats were more relaxed. This week Mikey carried 50 pounds just for the practice while Diego pulled the sled.

Some enjoyed the goats while others enjoyed the attention the goats got along the way. All had fun and we didn't have to have a Donner party.

We are hoping the weather will hold out to continue the hikes on a weekly schedule. We will tentatively plan to make the hike sun or snow, but will likely cancel for rain. Goats are susceptible to hypothermia when wet, wool shrinks and I don't want them to get smaller. Watch the calendar.