Trip Report: Canoeing Black Canyon - Part Deux

Canoeing Black Canyon - Part Deux
By Rob Jones
BOATING 03/08/2012 Class I+

Summary: This is a report about a short (bantam) trip exploring the Black Canyon of the Colorado River by canoe. It was organized by Zig and Dave of the Wasatch Mountain Club. Short, yet sweet. We canoed a dozen miles of this glorious river, as it is freed from the horror of Lake Mead evaporation pond.
Trip participants include: Phyllis Anderson, Connie Bain, Barbara Boehme, Linda and Vince DeSimone, Bob Grant, Rob Jones, Mardi Maack, Cathy Mooney, Kathy Olson, Dave Rumbellow, Marilyn Smith, David Sturgeon, and Zig Sondelski.

See the photo album link for a full report, photos, and maps, and so much more.

Enjoy, Rob

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