Trip Report: Hugh's Canyon with Bruce Christenson

Hugh's Canyon with Bruce Christenson
By Darwin Eggli
HIKE 07/23/2016 NTD

3.0 miles out and back - 500' accent - Slow pace

Sixteen hikers participated in the Hugh"s (also spelled Heughs) Canyon hike. Barb Hansen led the way, while Bruce Christenson followed making sure everyone was having a good time. The mile and a half trail was crowed with overgrown wild flowers, indicating heavy spring showers. Not everyone crossed the huge boulders to see the small water fall grotto, which was also being visited by humming birds. While returning from the falls an easier, smaller boulder route was discovered just above the cliff area.
Where the trail begins on the south-side there is a tailings mound and we wondered about a mine entrance. In the January 2014 Rambler, Julie Kilgore's message includes a reprint of Charles Keller's "Faint Trails" article on Heughs Canyon which identifies it as the waste dump from the Auerback tunnel. Her article includes a picture of a fleeing rattlesnake. The snake we encountered was coiled, erect rattler shaking and ready to strike.
The trailhead is located at the east end of the Canyon Winds Lane (6145 South) which is a private driveway, but signs now welcomes its use to walk to the trail head. Parking still must be on Oak Canyon Drive (3480 East). Heughs Canyon is on the top of my "Must Do Hike" list.

Note: Please make whatever changes desired. This is my first article. Pictures have already been faxed, but there was no descriptions nor persons identified. I do not know the names of the persons, but Bruce would. I was asked to do this article at the completion of the hike, so I as not that prepared. Thanks.