Trip Report: Day Hike: Sunset Peak (from Brighton)

Day Hike: Sunset Peak (from Brighton)
By David* Smith
HIKE 10/09/2016 MOD-

We had a very pleasant hike up Sunset Peak. I was joined by Tom Mitko, Stanley Chiang, Terry Baker and Dan Clark for this outing. The trail was snow packed and icy in spots due to previous hikers. We followed the "winter trail" from just below Dog Lake to interest the regular trail above Lake Mary and found it mostly snow free in the steeper sections. Going down, some icy spots on the north side of the ridge just below the peak resulted in a couple of hikers (including the trip organizer) using the micro-spikes that we had carried and being happy for them. Warmer temperatures resulted in a fair amount of surface mud on the trail below Catherine Pass. A good late season hike!

Dave Smith