Trip Report: Road Bike Weekend: Fish Lake - Sevenmile Creek

Road Bike Weekend: Fish Lake - Sevenmile Creek
By Robert* Turner
BIKE 08/12/2017 MOD+

Fish Lake - Sevenmile Road Bike Trip Report, By Teri Jenkins

On August 11 and 12, twenty-two intrepid road biking W M Clubbers camped and rode bikes at Fish Lake, Utah. What a fun-filled weekend it was. The Bowery Campground was perfect and barely fit the ten or so tents that went up. Intermittent rain made the rain tarps set up over the tables and group chair circle essential, and huddling under the tarps as afternoon rains came, was all part of the adventure. All were happy and relieved that rain did not fall on our morning rides, and miraculously cleared up for Saturday's awesome potluck.

The basic ride for the first day, Saturday, was 34 miles, with 2100 feet of elevation gain, riding from the campground, over to Johnson Valley Reservoir, and then up Sevenmile Creek to Niotche-Lost Creek Divide, at about 10,500 feet, then returning back to the campground. And what a great ride it was, everyone grouping up according to their pace, or slogging it up alone. The ride up was not too difficult, with an average grade of 3.3 %, and a few short segments of 7-8% grade.

Hardier bike riders did a longer ride (about 40-44 miles), as they continued down the other side of the summit to Taylor's flat, and then returned. Not only did they ride 10 more miles, but they added 1700 feet of elevation gain to their ride.

The bike riding was basically finished around 1 pm, so a long, lazy afternoon of either napping, or just sitting around camp and chatting ensued. Robert organized a delightful dinner, grilling up hamburgers, hotdogs and vegie burgers made to order, and all campers contributed with many delicious side dishes. We all ate far too much and justified it due to our hard riding that day! While some retired to their tents early, others sat by the fire into the cool evening and enjoyed conversation and "Cowboy TV." What's better than a warm fire, a cool, mountain evening, and the company of many like-minded, fun people?

The next day, Sunday, riders were interested in more leisurely bike riding. Some went back up toward Lost Creek Divide, some went around Fish Lake toward the north, and others chose to go south around the lake, stopping to check out the lovely, historic Fish Lake Lodge, and take pictures of the glistening blue lake in the morning light. We all returned from our various rides and broke camp around 2 pm for the return trip to SLC.

Such a great weekend of riding and socializing. A big thanks to Robert Turner for organizing such an awesome event, for planning a great shared dinner, and for being so accommodating and gracious to all who showed up with bikes and a willingness to have fun in the beautiful Fish Lake area.

The lucky trip participants were Marcy Allen, Ron Allen, Jennifer Chan, Mounia Collins, Rod Collins, Cindy Crass, Steve Duncan, Cory Fisher, Barb Gardner, Teri Jenkins, Chris Karcher, Dave Karcher, Rob Paull, Kneel Robinson, Frank Ryburn, Pat Saltzman, Dick Smith, Robert Turner, Dave Vance, Sharon Vinick, Chris Winter, and Leslie Woods

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