Trip Report: Road Bike--Around the Valley

Road Bike--Around the Valley
By Angela Vincent
BIKE 07/28/2017 NTD+

A leisurely ride, we met at the Murray Frontrunner Station and began our ride along Vine Street. Doing a little climbing we made our way to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, then across the bench along Wasatch Blvd. Crossing over Parley's Canyon on the bike path, we made our through Parley's Historic Nature Park to Tanner's Park where construction is continuing for a new bike path (it's going to be awesome once runs parallel to I-80 from Sugarhouse Park to Tanner's Park and looks like it will be completed within a couple of months!) Biking through Sugarhouse Park we hit the S Line bike path on the west side of Sugarhouse where we also stopped for favorite part of the ride! Returning to Murray on Main Street, we finished our ride in a building headwind. Storm clouds loomed overhead so temps weren't too bad and only had a few drops fall on us. Nobody melted (or was harmed) as a result of the sparse raindrops!

Attendees included: Chris Winter, Don Vincent, Leslie Woods, Steve Duncan, Rob Paull, Chris Karcher, and Angie Vincent (organizer)