Trip Report: Leisurely Hike up Toll Canyon at the top of Parleys Canyon

Leisurely Hike up Toll Canyon at the top of Parleys Canyon
By Karen* Perkins
HIKE 10/12/2017 MOD-

We were 22, counting the two bunnies who ran down before picture time, plus the photographer. Most of us had never done Toll Canyon. It's a scenic, not so difficult trail from Summit Park to a small ridge that overlooks the top of Lambs Canyon with a view of Murdock Peak. Our congenial guide and organizer was Bruce Christenson. Many of us were happy to hike with him, after summer went by without our doing so! Another amenity was that there were no bikers, as is often the case on Park City trails. Better still, I saw no bike tracts. Everyone in the group hiked their own pace, and we met at the bottoms and waited for everyone, before heading for the cars. Happy hikers all.

Photo by Vernon Sears: L to R, Sadie & Fiona, Susan Allen, Bob Myers, Russell Patterson, Carolee Cannon, Wayne Stump, Nona Vernon, Phyllis Anderson, Gail Picha & Pepper, me, Penny & Dave Smith, Katrina Easton, Bruce, Darwin Eggli and Bruce's kids, Bryan Christenson and Christy Anderson. Dave Parry The fast folks were Heidi DeMartis & Connie Modrow.

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