Trip Report: Leisurely Hike Lake Mary to Twin Lakes Loop

Leisurely Hike Lake Mary to Twin Lakes Loop
By Bruce Christenson
HIKE 10/28/2017 NTD+

Norm Probanz, a man of the mountains at 86 years old was still enjoying the mountain trails with us. Katrina Easton was asked to lead the way, but yet not understanding the concept of a leisurely hike, left the organizer far behind. A most personable addition to the group she is one anyone would want to hike with as was every other participant of the hike. A beautiful crisp fall day, great companionship and a wonderful trail between picturesque lakes and wandering through huge conifers and granite cliffs, what could be better. Thanks to all who came to hike and enjoy the mountains together. Participants: Norm Probanz, Brett Smith, Katrina Easton, Tom and Holly Holst, Luther Knicely, Jen Christenson, Darwin Eggli and Bruce Christenson

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