Trip Report: Snowshoe - organizer's choice

Snowshoe - organizer's choice
By Gregory Lott
SNOWSHOE 01/19/2019 MOD

Neffs Canyon Snowshoe Saturday January 19, 2019
Organized by Greg Lott, trip report by Greg Lott
Patrticipants: Muhammed Raja, Larry Hall, Nancy Martin, Simon Azar-farr, Deirdre Flynn, and Mohamed Abdallah.

Neffs Canyon was chosen for a Saturday snowshoe as an alternative to sitting in traffic trying to get up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons on a holiday weekend with lots of new snow at the ski resorts. The morning weather was calm and overcast with thin clouds and fairly warm with temperatures in the mid thirties in the valley. We shared the trail up Neffs Canyon with early bird backcountry skiers and another solo snowshoe enthusiast that lived near the trailhead. The trail was well packed for about the first mile and a half, but snowshoes were necessary after that point. With all the new snow, we lost the old packed trail that lay hidden beneath the new snow once or twice. Once we got off the old packed down covered trail, we had to struggle through the deeper old unpacked snow and about a foot of the new snow. This is a challenge when you’re going uphill. We made it up to the meadow that is about two and a half miles from the trailhead with about 2,500 feet of elevation gain overall. We all carried avalanche gear (beacon, shovel, and probe) and were cautious with our route finding on the way back down due to the considerable level of avalanche conditions. It was good to see the level of avalanche hazard awareness present in the group. The trail was busy for the lower mile now with people sledding, more backcountry skiers, hikers, and lots of dogs. A wonderful way to spend some time with friends, enjoy the great outdoors, and get some exercise.

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