Trip Report: Rockcliff on the Jordanelle Bike Touring Overnighter

Rockcliff on the Jordanelle Bike Touring Overnighter
By Heidi DeMartis
BIKE 06/15/2019 MOD

The weekend bike tour took place on June 15-16 as bike tourers congregated -- from all different directions -- at the Rockcliff Recreation Area on the Jordanelle Reservoir. This annual trip was for both seasoned tourers and those interested in learning about bike touring. After safely arriving to Rockcliff, setting up tents and luxuriously bathing in warm showers, entertaining stories of long distance trips in the saddle were shared over dinner. The scenery was beautiful and weather was -- for the most part -- comfortable. Note to self: Bring a few warmer clothes next time. In the morning after breakfast we all set out on different routes bidding each other well until next year. Consider this trip if you have any interest at all in bike touring! There's a wealth of information from these experienced tourers! Thanks Lou and Cheryl for organizing.

There were 11 bike tourers in attendance: Bob Renwick, Julie and Lou Melini, Dennis McCormick, Roger Crandall, Tom Jackson, Steven Duncan, Robert Paull, Greg Lott, Dave Vance and Heidi DeMartis. Cheryl Soshnik was in our hearts as she was attending to close friends.

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