Trip Report: Brighton Ridge Peaks Hike and Post-Hike Snack-and-Relax at the Lodge

Brighton Ridge Peaks Hike and Post-Hike Snack-and-Relax at the Lodge
By Evette Raen
HIKE 08/22/2020 MOD+

On a warm summer Saturday, we set out on Julie’s hiking plan to grab a handful of 10k+ peaks! Of course, after clearing all COVID pre-hike safety protocols and dropping off some goodies at the lodge for some post-hike relaxing and snacking. In the air, smoke lingered from the wildfires in neighboring states. Even high up in the canyon, the visibility was diminished due to the smoke.
On our hiking quest we ventured up the boulders to Millicent, through the wildflowers to Wolverine, across the ridge to Tuscarora, down to Catherine pass and back up to Sunset and Pioneer. At this point the group split in two. Julie, Marie, Robert, Eric and eVette headed down to the lodge to get coals going while others went on to complete a larger hiking loop. Robert lead the first group skillfully through the hidden trails near the lodge. Daisy led the remainder of the group to tag a few more peaks including Clayton Peak. Her extra-miles crew included Marie, Cigi, Ed and Richie.
Robert showed the group around the lodge and we got the coals going and set up for the post-hike activity. After a few hours crew two arrived and we all enjoyed some safe snacking and relaxing distanced socialization.
Thanks to Paul Kikuchi for providing burgers even though he was not able to join the hike. And Thanks to Robert for making access to the lodge simple.

Participants: Julie Kilgore, Daisy DeMarco, Cigi Owens, Eric Moles, Richard Schwartz, Robert Myers, Marie Dutson, Sharon Vinick, Ed Hemphill

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