Trip Report: Avenues Twins snowshoe or spike hike

Avenues Twins snowshoe or spike hike
By Judy Elizondo
SNOWSHOE 02/02/2020 NTD+

Rick Gamble, Carrie Clark and Friends Spike Hike to The Avenue Twins on Ground Hog Day! It was a warm cloudy day so the Ground Hog did not see his shadow, thus we should have an early Spring!

Rick and Carrie welcomed everyone at the trail head with bright smiles and hugs 😊 While waiting for everyone to arrive there was a lot of socializing and catching up with friends who have not seen each other for a long time. Matter of fact not everyone had signed in due to having so much fun visiting with friends (Jude & Andy ha ha) but Carrie took charge and made sure everyone was accounted for!

Off we went with enthusiasm and lots of chatter! Rick pointed out some notable mountain peaks as we reached our summit, such as Little Black Mountain, Lone Peak and Broads Fork Twins! We were happy to have taken some awesome group photos because the weather was in our favor. YEAH!

As we were coming down there was lots of exciting WMC adventures being planned. Such a fun group, could not have been a better day 😊 OK everyone be sure to count this hike towards your 100 WMC Hikes!

Left to Right Pictures
Rick Gamble, Carrie Clark, Jude Elizondo, Chris Winters, Andy Beard, Gayle Stockslager, Wilmer Sandoval, Robyn Heilbrun
Photos by Jude Elizondo & Andy Beard

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