Trip Report: Hiking Trail Maintenance Butler Fork trail work. EARLY START!

Hiking Trail Maintenance Butler Fork trail work. EARLY START!
By Kyle Williams
HIKE 08/28/2021 NTD

Hiking Trail Maintenance Butler Fork Trail Work August 28 2021

Butler fork is a fine trail in Big Cottonwood canyon, and boasts the reputation of having the longest steepest “Luge Run” in the Wasatch. Our work today, however, didnt get to address that feature..... There were sections that cut across a very steep slope, and time, foot traffic, and erosion has worn it down to a narrow down-sloped trail that is difficult for 2 people to pass without one of them tumbling down to the creek below. Our work involved using the classic trail tools, pulaski , shovel, and McCleod, to carve back the edge of the trail so it is now about 3 feet wide. Much safer and enjoyable. . There is also a section that crosses a vertical rock outcrop, and has been a bit of a tiptoe/hanging on affair. Persistent effort with a heavy sledge hammer chiseled out a nice trail that can now be crossed with your hands left in your pockets, no desperate hanging on required. But don't worry, The Luge Run remains.

Please give a huge round of thanks and applause to today's team: Albin Berzinis, Alex Arakelian,, Evette Raen, Dave Andrenyak, Geoff Hardies, Kyle Williams