Trip Report: Ski / Hiking Trail Maintenance at Spruces XC trail!

Ski / Hiking Trail Maintenance at Spruces XC trail!
By Kyle Williams
HIKE 07/10/2021 NTD

Ski / Hiking Trail Maintenance At Spruces Xc Trail! - July 10, 2021
In the heat of the hottest summer on records, with temps topping 100 many days, what is top of mind? Skiing, of course!. A team of WMC skiing fanatics joined the USFS team to build a XC kick and glide skate ski trail through the Spruces campground, connecting to the Donut Falls trail. It was actually an existing hiking trail that we had to widen to allow the ski trail grooming machinery to get along come winter time. We worked for several hours, swinging big heavy trail hoes called the Pulaski, a hybrid axe/hoe. We also used an oversized hoe called the McCleod to move dirt and gravel loosened by the pulaski. A few boulders were in our way, and they succumbed to the persistent efforts of our team swinging a classic sledge hammer. We got a lot done, so next winter, take your XC skis up the Spruces campground in Big Cottonwwood and give it a go. I think they have about 5 miles of groomed trail now, and its free!

Please give a huge round of thanks and applause to today's team: Tony Zimmer, Michael Berry, Rob Rogalski, Geoff Hardies, Bruce Christensen, Brent Blakley, and Kyle Williams. We were joined by a family of young teenage kids, not members of the club, but they knew the Forest Service people and they just wanted to help! How cool is that?