Trip Report: Mt. Timpanogos Day Hike

Mt. Timpanogos Day Hike
By Russell* Patterson
HIKE 08/03/2022 MSD

Mount Timpanogos via Timpooneke trail. Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022.
Participants: Russell Patterson the leader, Dave a new member of the club, Jill who is Russell’s cousin, and Jill’s friend Jeff.
The hike was postponed one day due to unfavorable weather. The hike started a 6:40 AM and took 10 hrs. Dave summated and hiked a total of 14.4-miles. Russell the 78 yr. leader, and Jill and Jeff stopped at the saddle that overlooked Provo, and hiked a total of 11.8-miles. We saw a mountain goat, a deer, and cute pikas and chipmunks. We saw a number of kids who had summated and one told us he was 6 yrs old. There were lots of flowers but we were too late in the summer to see any waterfalls.

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