Trip Report: Day Hike - Deseret Peak

Day Hike - Deseret Peak
By Frank Bouchard
HIKE 07/09/2022 MOD+

Deseret Peak... highest point in the Stansbury mountain range... one of eight ultraprominent peaks in Utah. I had attempted and failed it twice before (not because it was too hard but because I'm easily distracted and often miss important turns). But I was determined to not let down our group of eight intrepid hikers. We started at seven, before the day's unbearable heat moved in. There were many forks in the trail with no signs or indication of where to go. But at each one we carefully deliberated with our maps and chose wisely. We soon found ourselves on the ridge with gusts of wind almost knocking us over. We got to the peak, where we met a small boy who was in exceptionally good spirits and couldn't have been happier to be there. His great attitude rubbed off on us and helped carry us back down the mountain to the parking lot.

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