Trip Report: Hiking With Bruce Christensen at Bells Canyon

Hiking With Bruce Christensen at Bells Canyon
By Paul Kikuchi
HIKE 06/11/2022 MOD+

Hiking Bells Canyon with Bruce Christenson

Bruce Christenson organized a short hike up Neffs Canyon on June 11th.
Attendees were Mac Brubaker, his daughter Katherine, her two kids and a friend of her daughters. Also attending was Eve Qu and Paul Kikuchi

We started from the parking lot and hiked on the main trail for a short distance. Bruce knew of an unmarked trail that branched off from the main trail. It is not on the forest service map and is unnamed. The offshoot trail was used frequently as the path was easy to follow. It quickly got steep and continued an aggressive pitch all the way up to an overlook. The views from the overlook were beautiful. We could see the rugged mountain across the way.

From the ridge we dropped down into the North Canyon named after a man called North who had logging rites to the canyon. The descending tail was initially steep. I had hiking poles and they became useful on the way down.

Bruce’s loop was a very pleasant hike. Many trees shaded the trail going up to the ridge and down to the parking lot.. The sound of water and crossing the steam made the hike enjoyable.

Bell Canyon is dog friendly. We saw many dogs having a good time splashing in the water in the North Canyon as they hiked with their owners.

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful hike. What a marvelous way to start the day.