Trip Report: Flat Water - Causey Reservoir

Flat Water - Causey Reservoir
By Frank Bouchard
BOATING 09/09/2022 Class I

On a Friday morning, we loaded an impressive two canoes on top of and crammed five people inside of my small car (because clown car = cheap gas for everyone) and headed to Causey Reservoir. We launched from the Skull Crack Trailhead and paddled east to the Left Fork South Fork of the Ogden River. Once the stream got way too shallow and muddy for boats, we got out and continued upstream by foot. We had been told by other boaters that there was a large population of spawning salmon in the river, and we weren't lied to. We sunk to our knees in the muck, but after a quarter mile of hiking we found the brilliant red fish swimming in clusters all along the stream. It was a pleasant treat that none of us expected.

We got back to the boats and covered the rest of the reservoir including the Right Fork South Fork, then across the dam to Wheat Grass Canyon. The sites were incredible with rocky spires and high cliffs towering above the water. Once we got to the end of that, the wind had picked up and the prospect of paddling against it wasn't appealing. Instead I just did a quick run on the road back to the car and drove back to the group. We did another short hike on a trail up Wheat Grass canyon overlooking a Boy Scout camp.

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