Trip Report: Day Hike To The B-25 Crash Site On Mt. Timpanogos

Day Hike To The B-25 Crash Site On Mt. Timpanogos
By Russell* Patterson
HIKE 08/16/2023 MOD+

On a snowy night in 1955, a WWII era B25 bomber disappeared. Three days later the wreckage was reached by three members of the WMC.

We hiked the Timpooneke trail to get to this plane wreck. The round trip was 12.3 miles with a 3600; elevation gain, When we reached the basin, there are two trails going north and the 2nd one one goes to a small stream. From the stream you can see a white spot at the top of the green vegetated area just below cliffs and a scree slope. This white spot is part of the bomber wreck. The white spot can be seen in a photo on Page 16 of the Sep. 2012 Rambler. A date of July 28, is printed at the top of the photo. Below the number "2" of the date you will see the white spot.

The last few hundred feet of the hike were very steep.

Due to the wreck being covered snow the hike had been postponed two week. We missed seeing part of the wreck because it was still covered snow but I was glad we hiked when we did because the flowers were at their peak.

Pat Christian was almost 82 years old and was the oldest member of our group. He visited the crash site in 1989, as a Provo Herald staff writer and wrote an article about his trip.

Participants: Russell Patterson, Yi Qu, Lee Moss, Ben Wake. Mona Beatty, Andrew Stiff, Pat Christian, Stephanie Anderson, Sandra & Al Berzinis, Kurt Hiland

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