Trip Report: Kayaking Provo River

Kayaking Provo River
By Tonya Karren
BOATING 08/17/2023 Class I

It was a beautiful sunny day to kayak the Provo River with 10 friends today. Good thing it was warm too, because it wasn’t long before one friend got turned sideways against a submerged rock and dumped in the drink. We worked together to get her to the bank, drain her kayak and gather up her boat and belongings that were floating downriver without her. She still had a smile on her face though, despite her little mishap.
A little while later, another friend tipped her kayak too and got totally soaked. Not gonna lie. It was pretty entertaining!
The scenery along the river alone, was worth the trip and my favorite part of the float was when a group of horses came down to the river to drink, as we were floating by.