Trip Report: Thayne Peak

Thayne Peak
By Kurt Hiland
HIKE 08/27/2023 MOD

It should have been a slam dunk - but somehow the ball clanked off the rim. On a sunny Saturday, seven of us set out to conquer Thayne Peak. The trail up Thayne Canyon was straight up and we appreciated the shade, and after sweating it out we finally reached the summit. Except it wasn't, and we didn't know any better. As we would find out later, the true summit was 50 yards further. After some false summit lazing around we headed down and promptly missed our turn. After a half mile of uphill walking on the way back down someone finally asked, "are you sure this is right?" Sure enough, it wasn't, and we turned around. We took the Desolation trail back down which gave us a good view of Thayne Peak which made painfully clear that we fell just shy of true summit glory. Next time!

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