Trip Report: Day Hike to Red Pine Lake via White Pine TH

Day Hike to Red Pine Lake via White Pine TH
By Mona Beatty
HIKE 09/06/2023 MOD

As a new organizer, I am please to share my 3rd organized trip. We started out early and it was a cool morning. I was unsure of the route, but I had AllTrails and Jim & Stanley to help me. We also had in our group Kurt, Michelle, Kelly, and Luis. My organizing skills have yet to be fine tuned. I listed my hike as Slow since I, 1. Have not done this hike before & 2. Don't believe I hike that fast. We ended up arriving at Red Pine lake in 2 hours. The pace was great for conversation, but now I know that I am not a slow hiker! Jim mentioned that there was another lake above Red Pine Lake and since we got up to Red Pine Lake so quickly, we decided to continue hiking to the upper lake. The fun part was not taking the Pfeifferhorn trail! Jim led us up a faint, steep trail that led to a field of granite boulders. We maneuvered over and around to get to the upper lake. The lake was very windy and we all added some layers. Kurt and Jim pulled out their 100 activities jacket to put on. I thought, those are so cool! After lunch we started traversing the boulders over to pfeifferhorn trail. We looped around Red Pine Lake and headed back down to the trailhead. Another 97 activities to complete & maybe I can get a jacket too! See you on the Trail!

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