WMC Dan Smith Hike Ratings


Dan Smith has re-worked and updated the data from the Dale Green and Kip Yost hike ratings tables and has compiled the data into various PDF files for easy viewing. More computer savvy users may want to download the data in the Excel 2007 format for viewing. Also provided are KML and GPX files for download.

KML files work in Google earth and will allow the user to view the route.

GPX files can be viewed in various software (Garmin Basecamp (free)) and then uploaded to various GPS devices.


Additional updates will occur during the summer of 2012. Consideration for additional hikes to be included can be submitted to moc.liamg@418htimsleinad

Excel spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet contains three tabs:

The HIKES tab from the spreadsheet is available as a PDF.

PDF Files

The following PDF files organize the hikes into categories. Hike ratings by:

Google Earth and GPS files

Here is a list of: