New to Hiking with the WMC

On which hikes should I participate if I've never hiked with the club before?

The Wasatch Mountain Club's hike rating system (NTD for "Not Too Difficult", MOD for "MODerate", and MSD for "MoSt Difficult") is based on terrain features encountered, such as elevation gain, overall mileage, steepness, and special factors such as bushwhacking, scrambling, and exposure. For an explanation of the rating system and a list of standard WMC hikes, see the hike rating system.

If you've never hiked with the Wasatch Mountain Club, we recommend that you try an NTD hike. If you like to hike at a very leisurely pace, try an NTD hike that is also rated as a TURTLE hike. If you like to hike more quickly and over longer distances, try one of the Club's MOD hikes.

If you have done a good deal of hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, but have not hiked with the WMC before, take a look at the hike ratings system. Look at hikes with which you are familiar and compare their ratings with your own assessment of their difficulty.

After hiking with the club once or twice, you'll know how to match the Club's hike ratings to your own preferences.

Do I need to be a WMC member to go on a hike?

You do not need to be a member to join us for a few activities. If you find you are having fun, please consider joining our organization.