Trip Report: Hike - Little Black Mountain from Terrace Hills TH

Hike - Little Black Mountain from Terrace Hills TH
By Paula McFarland
HIKE 06/15/2022 MOD+

The group met at the Terrace Hills Trailhead on a beautiful sunny, but hazy day. Those attending were Steve Duncan, Al and Sandra Berzinis, Kurt Hiland, Joel Winter, Chris Hartnett, Stephanie Anderson, Russell Patterson, and the organizer Paula McFarland. The weather turned out a little cooler this morning than the previous few days and we were grateful for the cooler hiking conditions.

The trail was fairly easy to moderate for the first couple of miles. We followed the trail to the left after the main trail split and headed up towards Little Black Mountain. As the trail began to get steeper, we came across a beautiful meadow of wildflowers. We were treated to wildflower patches and beautiful views all the way to the summit. Unfortunately, the views were clouded a bit by valley haze. We spotted many Sego Lilies, Utah's state flower, and Russell shared the story of how the Sego Lilies saved the Mormon Pioneers from starvation back when the valley was first being settled. We also came across many toads along the trial, which I have rarely, if ever, seen on other hikes.

About a mile or so from the top, the trail became very steep. Once the group made it up to the ridge line, we followed this onto a saddle until we got about a quarter mile from the summit. Some in the group decided to relax at the saddle while Sandra, Kurt, Steve and Paula made the scramble up to the summit. The last quarter mile was exciting and challenging with some class 3/4 scrambling. After a photo op, the four headed back to the saddle to have lunch with the group before starting back to the cars.

Overall, the group covered about 9 miles and 2,844 feet.

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