Trip Report: Treasure Hunt Hike

Treasure Hunt Hike
By Frank Bouchard
HIKE 06/30/2023 NTD

The Utah Treasure Hunt is an event that happens every year in which two dudes put thousands of dollars in a chest, hide it somewhere in the Wasatch mountains, and release a cryptic poem to guide you to it. Treasure hunters then spend the next month or so losing their minds over this until someone finds it.

A group of five WMC members decided to use this as an excuse to get outside and enjoy the morning. I had a hunch about the Alpenbock Trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It's a short, 1.7 mile loop. But we dragged it out by searching all of the side trails leading to climbing areas and other places. Unfortunately when we got back to the cars, we had found no treasure. But the real treasure is the mountains themselves and spending time with friends, so we still managed to leave richer than we had arrived.

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